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So you want to grow your following on Twitter? The easiest way is to find people who use Autofollow and follow them. Once you follow them, they will automatically follow you back. Pretty easy! Here we have step by step instructions on how to do it:

Step 1: Enable Auto-Follow on your Twitter account

I'm assuming you already have a twitter account. You now need to enable autofollow yourself (to keep your list growing), there are quite a few different tools you can use to achive this by my favourite is Social Oomph. So go visit here: and setup an account and enable "auto follow" on your Twttier account.

You will now have to manually follow people back to keep your lists growing - (Read: Twitter banned auto-follow). If you know of any software that can still do this let me know and I will publish it here. 

Step 2:

Start following other users on this list here. Just work your way through the list and follow as many as you can. They will auto-matically follow you back. Twitter usually limits you to around 200 per day. So book mark the page you were up to and come back until you have satisfied your follower quota.

Step 3:

Get on the list! Once you are on the list people will start doing what you just did in step 2 above and your list will automatically start growing without you having to do anything. SWEEEET! (We will test users to make sure they are actually auto following). Join the Auto-Follow List here.

Step 4: *Optional* Twitter List Maintenance

Every now and then you will get some cheeky buggers that don't auto follow you back or remove you later on down the track. To combat this I recommend you clean your list of everyone who hasn't followed you back (give it a few days after adding fresh follower). For this I recommend using Tweepi once you have logged, click on "flush" and it will list everyone who is not following you back. You can click on these guys one by one... but who has time for that. If your running firefox install this addon called "check fox" it allows you to tick every single tickbox on the screen in one hit.

  • Install addon
  • Highlight all the text in the browser (CTRL + A)... Or drag your mouse
  • Then right click and select "check"

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